Sunday, March 18, 2012


What would you say if someone told you you could have pizza for breakfast (or any meal, for that matter) every day and loose weight and be healthy?   You'd probably think, "Yeah, right," or "What is this? A new 'Pizza Fad Diet?'"

Pizza can actually be good for you, but it depends on a few factors.  The first being health, fresh toppings like vegetables, lean proteins, low fat cheeses, and a low-sugar pizza sauce. 

But the main factor between healthy and not-so-healthy (aka low glycemic impact or high glycemic impact) is the crust.    I recently found a recipe for a Cauliflower Crust.  It's pretty amazing.  This recipe will make a 12" pizza crust (thin and crispy) or a 9" crust that has a doughy consistancy to it.   And let me tell you... not only does it taste wonderful (it's one of those "if you didn't know it was good for you..." recipes) but it makes your entire house smell like an Italian kitchen.

This will be a new staple in my kitchen, and I am going to be playing around with spices and cheeses.  Next step: add a little fresh grated parmesan to the mix.

Here is my answer to Cold Pizza for Breakfast:  FRESH HOT Cauliflower Crusted pizza with grilled chicken, eggplant, asparagus, and broccoli.  Served with a kale and sprout salad and sliced apples.  I sipped it with a strawberry-kiwi aloe fizzy (homemade).

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  1. Hey there Reed,
    I love the way you word things. I am a coach as well, and I totally love it! :)
    What is your fizzy? Do you add club soda to your aloe? Thanks